Stefan Mansson

Software Engineer

Aspiring Product Designer, pixel lover, labrador owner.

Currently getting up in the morning to engineer the future of user flows at Overflow. Always working on building & designing something new.

Meet some of my projects.

In my free time, I like to be creative with design & development. Listed below are the projects I’ve transformed from a simple concept to a composite product.

The Colorbook

A timeline of the trendiest color palettes from Dribbble, as seen on Product Hunt.


Minicons are a charming, open-source SVG iconset, embeddable with Javascript.

Blossom UI

Blossom makes it easy to build a website from scratch using beautiful building blocks.


Unload is a transitory code sharing platform for designers & developers to distribute work rapidly.


Kiteshare is a screen capturing desktop tool for users to capture & share moments in seconds.

Prowl JS

Prowl is a jQuery plugin that easily injects customizable modals into a website.

Slant makes searching for a movie or tv-series information effortless, powered by OMDB.


Feedlist is a simplified web analytics platforms for developers & project managers; formerly Trackful.

Some useful tools I’ve made.

During the development process we all come across hurdles. I create tools tailored to specific issues and release it to the open-source community if I think it'll make lives easier for other developers.

Webpack, React, Express boilerplate

Incorporating Webpack, React and Express into this boilerplate, the old habit of designing a client & server development environment is over. Easy to get started from scratch or implement an existing project.

Blossom boilerplate

Set up static websites styled by Stylus, templated by PugJS and utilizing Browser Sync and Gulp for development. Made production ready by compressing HTML & CSS, optimizing images and uglifying JS.

Content delivery network for and associated platforms, using the fastest content distribution methods available. Currently only the frontend is open-sourced.